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Immediate Aesthetics and Loading
Discover the different approaches to avoid the use of a removable temporary prosthesis as part of an implant-prosthetic treatment.
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25 & 26 January 2018
Photo: Dr Neelen Patten
Dr Neelen Patten

"Dear Hadi. Thanks a million times for those two unforgettable days at your practice. It has been an honour and a great experience for me to assist you as I have learned a lot. Many thanks for your availability, your hospitality and the kindness that you have showed us. "

January 2009
Bone grafting in Implantology
Master the various techniques of pre or per-implant bone augmentation allowing the reconstruction of bone defects in a predictable manner.
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19 & 20 October 2017
Photo: Dr Thierry Verge from L’Union
Dr Thierry Verge from L’Union

"Perfect organisation between the course objectives and its organisation. "

May 2013
Soft Tissue Management
Increase your knowledge and refine the techniques of gingival tissue management which may be needed before, during and after implant treatment with the aim to reach functional and aesthetic optimization.
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14 & 15 June 2018
Photo: Dr Alain Triolet from Saint Quentin
Dr Alain Triolet from Saint Quentin

"It has been a wonderful moment of conviviality combined with highly didactic teaching. Allow me to congratulate you again for the quality of this seminar and for the expertise of the various speakers and your whole team. "

Immediate Aesthetics and Loading - Session of january 2015

June 2015



A retrospective study on 1592 consecutively performed operations in one private referral clinic. Part I: Early inflammation and early implant failures

17 February 2017

Authors: Hadi Antoun et al.

Implant treatment can be divided into two major phases where the first phase is to establish a firm and stable osseointegration of the installed implant followed by the second phase where the aim is to maintain osseointegration, implant stability, and tissue health over time during follow-up. Implant failures during the first phase is observed as lose implants which are interpreted to never have integrated and the time interval for these “early failures” are recorded from implant surgery up to a period of implant function.

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« Consecutive Case Series of Healed Single-Molar
 Sites Immediately Restored with Wide-Diameter Implants: A 1-Year Evaluation »​

22 April 2016

On 22 April 2016, you are invited to join us at the International Osteology Symposium in Monaco where Dr Antoun will talk about “Immediate implantation and temporisation in the molar areas.”

Please read the latest clinical study by Hadi Antoun and his team “Consecutive Case Series of Healed Single-Molar Sites Immediately Restored with Wide-Diameter Implants: A 1-Year Evaluation” with the introduction below:

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Life of the Institute

« Le défi des greffes de sinus par voie latérale »​

21 April 2016

The first issue of the 45th volume of the journal of odontostomatology (ROS - Volume 45 - No. 1 - February 2016) was dedicated to “Lateral sinus graft: challenges”.

It presents a new clinical classification using several parameters for the treatment of posterior maxilla edentulism.

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Next lectures of Dr Hadi Antoun

10 February 2016

3 -4th november 2016" Les bonne pratiques en implantologie"


17 november 2016" La mise en charge immédiate"

DU implantologie Faculté Montrouge

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